Curious Equestrain

Join us as we sit down with remarkable thought leaders, equestrian experts, and equine advocates on a journey of curiosity and discovery.

Anna, our host, embarks on a quest to explore the untold stories and unlearned lessons from those who have achieved rewarding partnerships with horses. Through candid conversations, we delve into the hearts of influential equestrians, uncovering their secrets to success and the profound impact horses have had on their lives.

Our guests share their invaluable insights, leaving you inspired, enlightened, and eager to embrace the equestrian lifestyle. Together, we reflect on the beauty and challenges of horse care, riding techniques, and equine well-being.

Reflect, connect, and evolve with us as we celebrate the remarkable bond between humans and horses.

Our Team

Anna Louise Claydon is a dynamic presenter, reporter and broadcaster with a passion for horses.

Over the last 8 years, Anna Louise has presented programmes for BBC Radio 4 and BBC local radio, broadcasting live backstage at some of the biggest festivals; interviewing exciting guests and taking on challenges like learning to joust on horse-back with the knights at Leeds Castle.

Her passion for horses began at 8 years old when she moved to a house opposite a stables and started riding their array of different ponies. After loaning horses as a teenager, she now owns Winnie - a connemara cross Irish cob - and two miniature horses Diesel and Wilson.

Anna Louise runs Mini Motley Sanctuary with her Mum and together they enjoy ground-work, hacking and training their little herd.

As a co-editor of Horsemanship Journal and Western Horse UK, Kate Wensley brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Curious Equestrian platform. Her engaging style and deep understanding of equestrian topics not only enlighten but also inspire our listeners.

Whether she's breaking down complex subjects or sharing insightful stories, Kate's ability to connect with the audience makes her an integral part of the Curious Equestrian team.

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Theresa McCaffrey is the quietly efficient force behind the Curious Equestrian, where her skills in editing and podcast production play a crucial role. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of equestrian topics, Theresa ensures that each episode is crafted with care and precision.

As a co-editor of Horsemanship Journal and Western Horse UK, her editorial expertise is central to bringing quality content to equestrian enthusiasts.

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